Has been active in the Italian artistic scene since 1980, beginning as graphic artist and painter. Adventurous in experimenting with new materials and techniques, he has then moved on to produce a digital art that creatively combines the material and the digital, the real and the virtual.
In 1985 his founding of Mediavox, a multimedia lab of artistic experimentation that applies new media to artistic production, allowed Giuseppe to extend his presence to the rest of Europe and North America.
Fundamental to Giuseppe’s work is the artist’s belief in art as a means of political intervention and change in society. This is the spirit that drives all numerous artistic events in which he has featured, as painter, designer, and performer.
Giuseppe’s digital art is characterized by the transfiguring and over-exposing, a sort of X-raying, of the real; the highlighting of the intrusion of infection and sickenss in the innermost recesses of the mind.